These car magazines and cult classic movies are on the internet. Click on a link to go directly to the resource. Each will open in a new window. (All links checked 11-22-14)

    REEFER MADNESS (This cautionary tale features a trio of drug dealers and innocent teens who become addicted to "reefer cigarettes". A crack up!)

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    HOT ROD GIRLS (A champion drag racer quits racing after his kid brother is killed but is lured back by the new kid who stole his girl.)

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    TEENAGE DEVIL DOLLS (An unhappy teen falls in with the wrong crowd and sees her life spiraling downward.)

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    THE BIG WHEEL (Determined race car driver tries to follow in Father's footsteps despite dad getting killed on the track.)

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    NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (Corpse Zombies arise from the dead to attack the living as survivors ward them off in an abandoned house. Hilarious!

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    JAMES DEAN: BORN COOL (The first documentary film on the life of James Dean executive produced by Marcus Winslow, Dean's cousin and head of the Dean Estate, features a wealth of never-before-seen photos, offers insights and anecdotes by those who knew Jimmy best„his friends and family.)

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    THE CHOPPERS - 1961 (Naw, not a fable about false teeth. Corny tale about teen car choppers - so bad it's entertaining)

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    TEENAGE THUNDER - 1957 (An interesting period piece. Must have been lots of fun making these movies and making a living off them back in the 50's.)

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    AmPopFilms (Repository of over a hundred classic films.) Gorge yourself on this site, movie buffs!

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    Cult Classic - Carnival of Souls (An Epic Hollywood Fail)

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    HUNDREDS (IF NOT THOUSANDS) OF OLDER MOVIE PRODUCTIONS FROM YOU TUBE (These were all free to view (1-1-13) and are feature length motion pictures. Actually, some are fairly recent productions.

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    Short Time -- Vanishing Point

    Car Magazines and Videos

    Harvest Of The Years - Vintage Ford Motor Company Film

    How Differential Steering Works (1933)

    Over 200 videos from Car and Driver Magazine

    Hundreds of videos from Hot Rod Magazine

    Hundreds of videos from Motor Trend Magazine

    Around 150 videos from Road and Track Magazine

    I'm always looking for more to add to this page and hope you'll steer me to online resources. Also, please, report dead links so I can remove them.