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Black Knights Membership

  • Officers and Committee Chairs

    President - TBA

    Vice President - Jeff Stevens

    Secretary - TBA

    Treasurer - Bob L'Heureux

    Cruse In Chair - TBA

    Car Show Chair - Leo Domek

    Airport Drags Chair - Eric Anderson

    By Laws Chair - Tom Inman

    Scholarships Chair - TBA

    Concessions Chair - TBA

    Webmaster - Alan Morphew

    Public Affairs - TBA

  • Membership Information

    We invite you to become a member of the Black Knights Car Club. Our members come from many area communities in Iowa, Minnesota and beyond. Our meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at V.F.W. Trophy Room, S. 1st St., Estherville, IA.

    According to a former officer of the club, "You aren't required to own a classic or antique car to join. The main purpose of a club like this is to have some good, clean fun. Our members enjoy being around a great group of car enthusiasts and giving back to the community through community service projects."

    The Black Knights get involved in many community and individual projects. A recent project enabled them to make a donation of $1,100.00 to an individual. "We really like the fundraisers that have matching funds. All of these activities make us feel like the club is making a difference," the former officer stated.

    Members or persons in their families are eligible to apply for a $500.00 scholarship to a college auto body/mechanics program. The club annually awards two $500.00 scholarships.

    Cruises and car shows are the typical fare of most car clubs, and the Black Knights hold several of both. One very popular attraction that deviates from the norm, though, is the fall "Airport Drags" event. Former drag events have brought a day of family fun to nearly a thousand spectators and participants.

    Contact us to become a member or if you have any questions

    Contact Us

    Or download, then print and mail in our application / info form along with your personal check or money order.

    Membership dues are only $45.00 for the first year and $20 a year thereafter.

    Membership Application

    The Black Knights Car Club is an organization of Car Enthusiasts that are from Estherville,Iowa and the surrounding communities. We support many of our local community and individual fundraising projects in the towns that we have members.

    Requests are reviewed by the donations committee. If approved by this committee, they are taken to the membership at the regular meeting of all members.

    Donation Request Form

Our Members

  • Adams, Tex

    Anderson, Eric

    Anderson, Ron

    Auten, Virgil

    Baines, Carol

    Bebo, Larry

    Billings, Ken

    Cabot, Mark

    Christensen, Roger

    Colsrud, Randy

    Crandall, Gary

    Dahna, Raymond

    Dalen, Mike

    Danbom, Jim

    DeVary, Mike

    Dunham. Archie

  • Erickson, Dave

    Finn, Curtis

    Friesner, Brad

    Girres, Bill

    Graettinger, Joe

    Goetzinger, Denny

    Hevern, Lyle

    Hocket, Robert

    Holmgrem, Jim

    Houge, Everett

    Houseman, Dennis

    Hurst, Steve

    Hussong, Dudley

    Iverson, Claire

    Iverson, Jay

    Janasko, John

  • Johnson, Bob

    Johnson, Gerald

    Johnson, Gregg

    Johnson, Wayne

    Kimmets, Cory

    Kimmets, Tom

    Kirchner, Darrel

    Kittelson, Jerry

    Klein, Dan

    Klein, Steven

    Leffel, Ron

    L'Heureux, Bob

    Linn, Duane

    Maranell, Nick

    Matthew, Cheralyn

    McQuirk, Robert

  • Miller, Skip

    Moorberg, Brian

    NorthStar Bank

    Peta, Roger

    Ross, Rodney

    Sinn, Ron

    Stevens, Jeffrey

    Trosin, Butch

    Tucker, Ray

    Tungland, Dennis

    Weber, Bob

    Willmore, Bettje

    Willmore, Jim

    Wilson, Ron

    Zitterich, Chuck